Spending too long looking for a house and failing miserably?
Do you want to sell a house but are fed up with ads and appointments ending up with no results?
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We will help you buy or sell your home in Altea and the surrounding areas so you don’t have to waste your time or lose your peace of mind.

Many people never buy or sell a single house in their whole life, as the financial and emotional cost is enormous. That is why it is a very delicate matter that needs to be thought about very carefully before making any decision that we may end up regretting afterwards. It is a huge step to take! And above all, buying or selling your house should be a pleasure and never a nightmare.

You spend too much time looking at ads on the internet and visiting estate agents.
You are sick of visiting flats that you know are not for you once you walk through the door.
They try to talk you into prices that are not realistic.
You’ve already been conned and now you don’t trust people as far as you can throw them.
You have visited some flats in terrible condition but the estate agent is desperately trying to flog them to you.
When you have decided to buy, you feel overwhelmed with doubts related to how much paperwork is involved.
Sometimes the estate agent does not answer the phone or once you sign the purchase agreement, the deposit just vanishes…
You hate aggressive selling because you feel like a small fish in big pond.

Long story short, you want to buy a house in a nice and easy way.

You want to do everything yourself and have to put the ads everywhere and deal with all the work involved.
You have tons of missed calls and emails to reply to asking for information. You really have no time to handle it all.
You have made a rough estimation on the price, but have no idea whether you just got carried away and will never sell the property.
You have to ask for half a day off or sacrifice your own business because you have 15 appointments on your agenda, one after the other but not one of them is a success. And then, the same thing happens the day after.
You don’t know how you can advertise your house in an attractive manner but you don’t have the time for it either.
You can’t get the idea of selling your house out of your head and it becomes an obsession.
You are considering hiring an estate agent but you are wary of them.

Long story short, you want to sell your house easily and hassle free.

Don’t get fooled.

I have been through everything you can imagine and beyond buying, selling, building and renovating houses. I don’t want you to worry, suffer or waste your time. Luna Navarro Real Estate helps you in both looking for the house of your dreams as well as trying to sell it because you have a new project in mind.

We are well known for:

Good assessment

We keep you updated on the housing market depending on your needs.

Solving your doubts

Feel free to ask us anything that worries or bothers you. It is a whole new experience for you and it is important to us.


We like it cool. Real close stuff because it is the right way to work.


You will be aware about every step we take so you can sleep at night. We want to make it easy for you.


We take good care of our business and clients, you really matter to us! We make an effort to make things right. We want you to be satisfied.

Smooth communication

We are there for you at any time and you should feel free to get in touch and talk to us about your needs and we’ll tell you how things are going. That is a promise.

Document management

If paperwork is not your thing, don’t worry about it; we’ll give you a hand with all documentation.

Refurbishing and gardening

If you want to refurbish your property or create a cool garden and don’t want things to turn into a nightmare, we provide an assessment from the best professionals.

We personally select our housing portfolio. We choose those which have an impact on us and those that we, ourselves, would wish to enjoy.

After visiting your house, we take photos and analyse all information. We then get on with it to find the right owner.