I want you to fulfill your dream in buying a home or selling your house.

➔ A home buying and selling process may become tiresome, complicated, difficult and frustrating.

➔ You have no time to do it yourself.

➔ You have already tried your luck with different estate agents and you always get the feeling that they are having you on.

➔ You are wasting your time and it's draining your energy.

If only I could tell you....

My father is a draughtsman. When I was a little girl I used to watch him organising the houses he’d drawn on the plans. I used to love it.

Spending time on holiday in my mother ́s village, I used to say hello to newlyweds and go see their homes. I loved new houses.

I still remember the tiled kitchens in black and white from the nineteen nineties and many more details back then. To me, they were like fairy- tale castles. And that smell of a new house used to take me to some place… where? I don ́t know, but it was wonderful.

With no little effort and hard work I got to buy a flat, along with all the problems that it implied. I refurbished it from top to bottom in order to rent it to tourists. I had very little money and even less experience. Renovating the flat was anything but easy; still, the effort was well worth it.

My passion for interior design and houses took me to work for several estate agencies. I was naïve enough to think that they actually provided a service that would facilitate the buying and selling process for people interested on buying or selling a property.

But I found out it is not always that easy.

I could see, first hand, that they don’t always look after the client, and sometimes all they are worried about are profits, without bearing in mind their needs or worries.

I actually suffered it myself, when I bought a piece of land in order to build a hotel: promises not always fulfilled, unexpected latent defects and a poor management. The result was an undesired increase in the budget as well as a huge energy waste.

You experience positive emotions when you feel at home. Negative ones tend to come out during the process.

My name is Luna Navarro and I am going to help you successfully buy or sell a house.
Without any hassle.
You won't be fooled.
Simply making things easy and enjoying.

I will help you with…
So that you…
looking for the house or the right sale
can have fun in the process.
a smooth communication
are informed all along.
can be carefree.
information on price
won’t be disappointed.
promotion and visits to your house
enjoy your leisure time.
assessment on legal issues, appraisals and potential problems
can make a better decision.
renovation or gardening project
don’t feel you are in the middle of an ordeal.

Get to know me a bit better,

★ I only have one life to live, and I am going to live it.
★ I am a sports fanatic; keeps me fit and fills my mind with fresh air.
★ Ever since I started taking yoga lessons I can’t live without it. 
★ I love what I do.
★ I also love people.
★ I really enjoy travelling to new places. 
★ I like keeping things simple.
★ I work very hard in order to get good results. 
★ I don’t mind getting my hands dirty when it comes to work.
★ Living on the coast was my goal, and here I am.
★ I am a tenacious, hard-working and courageous woman, and that is why I have been able to build and manage a hotel and open an estate agency…from scratch!
★ I love helping my clients selling or buying their house. I enjoy the whole process; the energy boost is simply mind-blowing.
★ Many of my clients have actually become friends, that speaks for itself, doesn’t it?
★ I adore sharing some good conversation and a laugh around a nice dinner table drinking a good glass of wine.